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How America Works

Learn how and  why the American system of free market capitalism works to make America great! Click here! How to start a soap business. Click here!

Are you a champion?

What does it take to be a champion? Courage, hard work, motivation, and perseverance! In room 34, we are learning what it takes to be a champion. Click on the following link to read about Dustin Carter. New York Times

Today: 2/18/19
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Fables for children

The following list of traditional fables are recommended by Mr. Damian.


1.  The Little House


2.  The Tortoise and the Hare


3. The Ugly Duckling


4.  The Grasshopper and the Ants

Watch how baby chicks hatch!

Picture Dictionary

Do you need a picture dictionary? Click here.


Animal Test

How many animals do you know?

Click here!

Learn English With El Chavo!

Check out the free web site that helps you learn English while having fun. Click here.

New Website!

Test your spelling skills with this new website. 

Spelling City

DIBBLEs reading assessment and progress monitoring

Super Sized Spelling Words -

Practice these spelling words.We will have a test on Friday!

1. spectacle

2. celestial

3. arrange

4. southern sky

5. appear

6. horizon

7. cameo

8. respectively

9. whistling

10. everyone

11. celebration

12. imagination

13. famous

14. equality

15. unscramble

16. freedom

17. delight

18. identical




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Welcome to Room 34

Learn about the Solar System:

What are the nine planets?

What planet is closest to the sun?

What is the furthest planet from the sun?

What is the third planet from the sun?


We are learning about the planets

Check out the five planets that are lining up in the southern sky. Can you name them all?  All five planets will arrange on an arc across the sky. Mercury will appear the closest to the horizon, followed by Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. The stars Antares and Spica will make cameos as well, twinkling between Saturn and Mars, and Mars and Jupiter, respectively.


Learn about the Wright Brothers

We are learning about one of the most spectacular inventions of the twentieth century.(click here) or (Click here to learn more)

International Space Station

Watch an incredible International Space Station tour. What is life like on the Space Station? Click here.

Space Shuttle Launch and Landing

Watch the Space Shuttle Discovery land perfectly here in California. Click here.  Also be sure to watch the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Click here

Space Shuttle

Did you see that little black spot on the sun? You can find out what it was by clicking here.


The Water Cycle

This year  room 34 will be exploring the water cycle. We will learn about evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. After the last storm, the students are very interested in the weather. Please visit the library and check out books about the water cycle. Here is a website I found that you might find useful: The Water Cycle.

As part of the water cycle, we discussed condensation. Condensation is what happens when the vapor in the air changes back to liquid. Here is another website that you might find useful: Clouds

You can watch our play below:

The Water Cycle Play

SEA Life Mystery


Sea life mystery

Can you solve the sea life mystery? Thousands of sharks and other sea life mysteriously die in San Francisco Bay. Click here to read the news story.


Incredible story of a loyal Penguin

'I love the penguin like it's my own child and I believe the penguin loves me': Bird swims 5,000 MILES every year to visit Brazilian man who nursed it back to life after he found it covered in oil ...more

ELD - Poem


Under the Ocean

Under the Sea

 I saw a Whale 

And it saw me!



What Lives in the Ocean!

A Note from Mr. Damian...

Welcome to third grade! I am Mr. Damian and I am looking forward to a very successful school year. I believe that all children are champions and that if they try their best they can accomplish anything! My goal is to combine a warm and friendly room environment that stimulates the children's imaginations, and a challenging academic curriculum that will prepare them to be life long learners. 

Want to learn the Times Tables?

Make sure to practice your times tables everyday! Here is a fun website. Click here

Reading Fluency

We encourage students to read for speed in our class. No tickets for moving violations to worry about here, just prizes. If you ask anyone in room 34, they will tell you that reading is fun! Be sure to check out this reading website: Storyline Online

Racing Towards Success!

DIBBLEs "Beginning of the Year"and "Middle of the Year" Assessment 

Student /Words Read Per Minute -

Below Grade Level=RED Approaching Grade Level=YELLOW ,

On Grade Level=GREEN , Beyond Grade Level = Blue 


29,  73


76,  106


17,  78


128, 170


114, 125


90, 127




112, 137


23, 40


99, 120


66,  107


88, 119


133,  148


106, 127




76,  117


84,  92


18,  46


78, 131


110, 144


67,  104


82,  106


106, 130


18,  48


54,  88

                26 47,90 

115,  145

36,  88

Do you need a timer?


The Little Prince

Our class is reading "The Little Prince", by Antoine St. Exupery. This story takes the reader on a wonderful journey that is only understood by the imagination of a child, but can only be contemplated by the rational world of the grown ups. It's metaphors and analogies are as relevant today as they were when they were written in 1943. This extraordinary book relates to those of every age, young and old. Click here to hear the audio book.

School House Rock

Do you know about the USA? Do you know about the constitution? click here!


What in the World is this?

We found this insect on the playground. It looks like a big ant. It also curled its abdomen in a scorpion like pose. Our class wanted to know what it was. Here is a website that might help us find out... WAYNE'S WORD

What in the world?

This interesting bug is has a cute face. Is this bug an insect or a spider? Let's find out! (Click here)


What kind of insect is this?


I found a wasps nest in a bush at the Main gate. I brought it in the classroom room 34 and showed it to Mr. Damian. He put the baby wasps in a plastic bag. This is a story that I wrote about wasps. Like all insects, wasps have a hard exoskeleton which protects their three main body parts, the head, the mesosoma  and the metasoma. There is a narrow waist, the petiole, joining the first and second segments of the abdomen. The two pairs of membranous wings are held together by small hooks and the forewings are larger than the hind ones; in some species, the females have no wings. In females there is usually a rigid ovipositor which may be modified for injecting venom, piercing or sawing.It either extends freely or can be retracted, and may be developed into a stinger for both defence and for paralysing prey.                     

By Maxwell NORED, January 14, 2017