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Gifted Program

Morningside Elementary offers the following categories of Gifted and Talented programs:

a) Intellectual Ability which requires an IQ test that is given to children in grades 2-5; however, students in Early Education programs, may be assessed having had previous recommendation and Referral Analysis of an applicant's portfolio.

b) High Achievement in all academic subjects - demonstrating two consecutive years of excellence in all academic areas.

c) High Achievement in a specific subject - where students have to demonstrate excellence in single subject for three consecutive years.

d) Leadership Capacity

e) Artistically Talented - where students with specific visually artistic and performing arts demonstrate their talents through an audition to qualify for the program.

f) Creative Thinking



The Los Angeles Unified School District requires a mandatory yearly training for teachers of the Gifted and Talented as a prerequisite to teaching GATE children, thereby ensuring the maintenance of program quality and retention of experienced professionals. We compliy with the minimum GATE identification of students according to the educational trends of giftedness in student populations.



Our school  provides differentiated instruction to GATE children in compliance to GATE guidelines to fulfill curricular needs and to provide advanced access to curriculum according to students' capacity. Morningside provides two yearly extra curricular fieldtrips for GATE students to support research efforts in the classroom.



Presently Morningside has a population of 5.7 % of Gifted and Talented students. English Language Learners and other minority students have equal access to the program. Classroom teachers, parents or school administration may refer a student for assessment. Children from private schools also have the right to be assessed for the program

*For additional information about the GATE Program, please refer to our school administration or GATE Coordinator: Ms. Marioni